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Our FREED ... Our Mission ... part 1

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Our FREED ... Our Mission ... part 1

Post by DADDYCOOL on Wed 25 Sep 2013, 10:07 am

Now is time to share with fellow HFSG members the recent authorized declassification of a TOP-SECRET mission.

Code-named Purple Bow, this was a rescue mission.

The female partner of a high profile member of HFSG was kidnapped by USF extremists.  Unmarried SG Female was a female right wing group who advocated non-marriage policies, and were highly trained and dangerous.  She was held captive for 1 day in Geylang East (GPS Position: 103°53'29"E, 1°19'12"N) — enduring deplorable conditions, including very little food, water and sleep, and living in constant fear of not knowing what they were going to do to her. News of the capture was kept quiet to protect the hostage, while HFSG planned a top-secret rescue mission.

Operation Purple Bow was planned as a direct initiative and encountered many obstacles, from planning to logistics. HG8 was formed to carry out this specialized high-risk hostage extraction and aborting the mission was not an option. Thus a second team, F2C was assigned to join in this mission for the much needed manpower.

On September 21, 2013, in a daring daytime operation, she was rescued by members of HG8 & F2C. The mission was successfully executed with no fatalities and minimal collateral damage.  

Documents released publicly by HFSG will detail this rescue mission using what was at the time HFSG's most sophisticated vehicle, aptly named FREED.


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