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The Star is back!!!

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The Star is back!!!

Post by DADDYCOOL on Fri 27 Jan 2012, 9:29 am

Firstly have to announce my return! yup the STAR is back!

have been busy and sick the past few weeks, but the show must go on!

start of 2012 we already managed 2 meetups this month!

and can see that HFSG is moving in the right direction,

now we all need to do is just maintain!

sadly due to the busy CNY period the decal part got stalled but no worries, we are almost there!

time is on our side, we are still a very young club;

in its infancy ... and still a long way to grow!!! Cheers!

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Re: The Star is back!!!

Post by sevenseaters on Fri 27 Jan 2012, 10:29 am

lai lai... Jia You HFSG


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