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Roof Mount -> BEWARE

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Roof Mount -> BEWARE

Post by hooray_fun on Fri 23 Mar 2012, 9:43 pm

It all began when my JVC HU power on button fails to respond......Sent to service center and tested over couple of days and was informed nothing wrong with my unit. Was even shown that its working perfectly in their lab.......
So i was like SHIT.....then what is wrong with my dear FREED.... Shocked Shocked Shocked ....that is even worse...........With the help of a friend, we managed to identify a BLOWN fuse.......upon replacing it.......power resume to my HU.
Hey that is not the end........Suddently a burning smell is detected.....Smoke was seen coming from my CHINA made HU installed by PI when I 1st got my FREED......Immediately I off the engine and found this..........

The heated cable even left a scar on the plastic housing affraid affraid
My CSI investigation from watching numerous episode on TV tells me this.
The folding action to open & close the screen thru the 2.5yrs had caused the insulation to break due to the bending action. This also causes the wires to heat up inside the plastic insulation.

Heng it did not catch FIRE....Cannot imagine what will happen with my kids @ the back.
So FREEDers, do take note when things dun work. Especially those made in CHINA with unknown brand packaged by PIs


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Re: Roof Mount -> BEWARE

Post by sevenseaters on Fri 23 Mar 2012, 10:39 pm

Thank you so much bro for the priceless experience sharing with us...

Indeed make sense the cable could not take the frequent "open/close"...
I have mount screen too, will check for it...

Thanks again for sharing this bro, and most importantly, thanks God no harm thing happened.


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Re: Roof Mount -> BEWARE

Post by ksckelvin on Sun 25 Mar 2012, 7:10 am

I will have mine check as well. Tks for the sharing.

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Re: Roof Mount -> BEWARE

Post by Sponsored content

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